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Object [] jalview::datamodel::AlignmentView::getAlignmentAndColumnSelection ( char  gapCharacter ) [inline]

get the full alignment and a columnselection object marking the hidden regions

Object[] { SequenceI[], ColumnSelection}

Definition at line 283 of file AlignmentView.java.

References jalview::datamodel::SeqCigar::createAlignmentSequences().

Referenced by jalview::ws::jws1::JPredThread::JPredJob::getResultSet(), getUpdatedView(), jalview::datamodel::ColumnSelection::propagateInsertions(), and jalview::ws::rest::RestJobThread::realiseResults().

    ColumnSelection colsel = new ColumnSelection();

    return new Object[]
        SeqCigar.createAlignmentSequences(sequences, gapCharacter, colsel,
                contigs), colsel };

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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