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jalview::datamodel::ColumnSelection Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addElement (int col)
void addElementsFrom (ColumnSelection colsel)
int adjustForHiddenColumns (int column)
void clear ()
int columnAt (int i)
 ColumnSelection (ColumnSelection copy)
 ColumnSelection ()
Vector compensateForEdit (int start, int change)
ShiftList compensateForEdits (ShiftList shiftrecord)
boolean contains (int col)
int findColumnPosition (int hiddenColumn)
int findHiddenRegionPosition (int hiddenRegion)
int getHiddenBoundaryLeft (int alPos)
int getHiddenBoundaryRight (int alPos)
Vector getHiddenColumns ()
int getMax ()
int getMin ()
Vector getSelected ()
int[] getVisibleContigs (int start, int end)
String[] getVisibleSequenceStrings (int start, int end, SequenceI[] seqs)
void hideColumns (int start, int end)
void hideColumns (int col)
void hideSelectedColumns ()
void invertColumnSelection (int first, int width)
boolean isVisible (int column)
void makeVisibleAnnotation (int start, int end, AlignmentAnnotation alignmentAnnotation)
void makeVisibleAnnotation (AlignmentAnnotation alignmentAnnotation)
void propagateInsertions (SequenceI profileseq, AlignmentI al, SequenceI origseq)
void pruneDeletions (ShiftList deletions)
void removeElement (int col)
void removeElements (int start, int end)
void revealAllHiddenColumns ()
void revealHiddenColumns (int res)
void setElementsFrom (ColumnSelection colsel)
int size ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ColumnSelection propagateInsertions (SequenceI profileseq, Alignment al, AlignmentView input)

Package Attributes

Vector hiddenColumns
Vector selected = new Vector()

Private Member Functions

void compensateForDelEdits (int start, int change)
boolean pruneColumnList (Vector deletion, Vector list)
boolean pruneIntervalVector (Vector deletions, Vector intervals)

Detailed Description

NOTE: Columns are zero based.

Definition at line 27 of file ColumnSelection.java.

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