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jalview::gui::AlignmentPanel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void adjustAnnotationHeight ()
void adjustmentValueChanged (AdjustmentEvent evt)
void alignmentChanged ()
 AlignmentPanel (AlignFrame af, final AlignViewport av)
Dimension calculateIdWidth ()
void closePanel ()
void fontChanged ()
AlignmentI getAlignment ()
OverviewPanel getOverviewPanel ()
StructureSelectionManager getStructureSelectionManager ()
String getViewName ()
void highlightSearchResults (SearchResults results)
void makeEPS (File epsFile)
void makePNG (File pngFile)
void makePNGImageMap (File imgMapFile, String imageName)
void paintAlignment (boolean updateOverview)
void paintComponent (Graphics g)
int print (Graphics pg, PageFormat pf, int pi) throws PrinterException
int printUnwrapped (Graphics pg, int pwidth, int pheight, int pi) throws PrinterException
int printWrappedAlignment (Graphics pg, int pwidth, int pheight, int pi) throws PrinterException
boolean scrollRight (boolean right)
boolean scrollToPosition (SearchResults results, boolean redrawOverview)
boolean scrollToPosition (SearchResults results)
boolean scrollUp (boolean up)
void setAnnotationVisible (boolean b)
void setOverviewPanel (OverviewPanel op)
void setScrollValues (int x, int y)
void setSelected (boolean b)
void setWrapAlignment (boolean wrap)
void updateAnnotation ()
void updateAnnotation (boolean applyGlobalSettings)

Public Attributes

AlignFrame alignFrame
AlignViewport av

Protected Member Functions

void validateAnnotationDimensions (boolean adjustPanelHeight)

Package Functions

int getVisibleIdWidth ()
int getWrappedHeight ()
void makeAlignmentImage (int type, File file)
void scrollToWrappedVisible (int res)

Package Attributes

AnnotationLabels alabels
AnnotationPanel annotationPanel
boolean fastPaint = true
int hextent = 0
IdPanel idPanel
IdwidthAdjuster idwidthAdjuster
OverviewPanel overviewPanel
ScalePanel scalePanel
SeqPanel seqPanel
int vextent = 0

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