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jalview::gui::AnnotationPanel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent evt)
void adjustmentValueChanged (AdjustmentEvent evt)
int adjustPanelHeight ()
 AnnotationPanel (AlignViewport av)
 AnnotationPanel (AlignmentPanel ap)
int calcPanelHeight ()
void drawBarGraph (Graphics g, AlignmentAnnotation aa, int sRes, int eRes, float min, float max, int y)
void drawComponent (Graphics g, int startRes, int endRes)
void drawGraph (Graphics g, AlignmentAnnotation aa, int width, int y, int sRes, int eRes)
void drawLineGraph (Graphics g, AlignmentAnnotation aa, int sRes, int eRes, int y, float min, float max, int graphHeight)
void fastPaint (int horizontal)
void mouseClicked (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseDragged (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseMoved (MouseEvent evt)
void mousePressed (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent evt)
void paintComponent (Graphics g)

Package Attributes

int activeRow = -1
AlignmentPanel ap
AlignViewport av
final String COLOUR = "Colour"
BufferedImage fadedImage
boolean fastPaint = false
FontMetrics fm
Graphics2D gg
int graphStretch = -1
int graphStretchY = -1
final String HELIX = "Helix"
final Color HELIX_COLOUR = Color.red.darker()
BufferedImage image
int imgWidth = 0
final String LABEL = "Label"
boolean MAC = false
int max
int min
boolean mouseDragging = false
final String REMOVE = "Remove Annotation"
final String SHEET = "Sheet"
final Color SHEET_COLOUR = Color.green.darker().darker()

Private Member Functions

String collectAnnotVals (Annotation[] anot, ColumnSelection columnSelection, String label2)
int[] getProfileFor (AlignmentAnnotation aa, int column)

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