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int jalview::gui::AnnotationPanel::adjustPanelHeight (  ) [inline]

Calculates the height of the annotation displayed in the annotation panel. Callers should normally call the ap.adjustAnnotationHeight method to ensure all annotation associated components are updated correctly.

Definition at line 133 of file AnnotationPanel.java.

References calcPanelHeight().

Referenced by actionPerformed(), jalview::gui::IdCanvas::drawIds(), jalview::gui::SeqCanvas::drawWrappedPanel(), jalview::gui::AlignmentPanel::fontChanged(), mouseDragged(), jalview::gui::AlignmentPanel::printUnwrapped(), jalview::gui::AlignmentPanel::printWrappedAlignment(), and jalview::gui::AlignmentPanel::validateAnnotationDimensions().

    int height=calcPanelHeight();
    this.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(1, height));
    if (ap != null)
      // revalidate only when the alignment panel is fully constructed

    return height;

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