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jalview::gui::FeatureRenderer Class Reference

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class  FeatureRendererSettings

Public Member Functions

void addPropertyChangeListener (PropertyChangeListener listener)
synchronized void drawSequence (Graphics g, SequenceI seq, int start, int end, int y1)
 FeatureRenderer (AlignmentPanel ap)
void featuresAdded ()
Color findFeatureColour (Color initialCol, SequenceI seq, int res)
synchronized int findFeatureColour (int initialCol, SequenceI seq, int column)
Color getColour (String featureType)
Color getColour (SequenceFeature feature)
Object getFeatureStyle (String featureType)
float getOrder (String type)
FeatureRendererSettings getSettings ()
float getTransparency ()
void removePropertyChangeListener (PropertyChangeListener listener)
void setColour (String featureType, Object col)
void setFeaturePriority (Object[][] data, boolean visibleNew)
void setFeaturePriority (Object[][] data)
float setOrder (String type, float position)
void setTransparency (float value)
void transferSettings (FeatureRenderer fr)
void transferSettings (FeatureRendererSettings fr)

Protected Member Functions

void updateColourButton (JPanel bigPanel, JLabel colour, Object col2)

Protected Attributes

Boolean firing = Boolean.FALSE
boolean varyHeight = false

Package Functions

boolean amendFeatures (final SequenceI[] sequences, final SequenceFeature[] features, boolean newFeatures, final AlignmentPanel ap)
synchronized void findAllFeatures (boolean newMadeVisible)
void findAllFeatures ()
void renderFeature (Graphics g, SequenceI seq, int fstart, int fend, Color featureColour, int start, int end, int y1)
void renderScoreFeature (Graphics g, SequenceI seq, int fstart, int fend, Color featureColour, int start, int end, int y1, byte[] bs)

Package Attributes

Vector allfeatures
AlignmentPanel ap
AlignViewport av
PropertyChangeSupport changeSupport = new PropertyChangeSupport(this)
int charOffset
Object currentColour
int epos
Object fcol
Hashtable featureColours = new Hashtable()
Hashtable featureGroups = new Hashtable()
int featureIndex = 0
Hashtable featureOrder = null
boolean findingFeatures = false
FontMetrics fm
int i
SequenceI lastSeq
Hashtable minmax = new Hashtable()
boolean newFeatureAdded = false
BufferedImage offscreenImage
boolean offscreenRender = false
Object oldcol
String[] renderOrder
Color resBoxColour
char s
SequenceFeature[] sequenceFeatures
int sfindex
int sfSize
int spos
float transparency = 1.0f

Static Package Attributes

static String lastDescriptionAdded
static String lastFeatureAdded
static String lastFeatureGroupAdded

Private Member Functions

final byte[] normaliseScore (SequenceFeature sequenceFeature)
boolean showFeature (SequenceFeature sequenceFeature)
void updateRenderOrder (Vector allFeatures)

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