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jalview::gui::PopupMenu Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void annotationMenuItem_actionPerformed (ActionEvent actionEvent)
void colourByStructure (String pdbid)
void copy_actionPerformed ()
void cut_actionPerformed ()
void discoverPDB_actionPerformed ()
void editSequence_actionPerformed (ActionEvent actionEvent)
void enterPDB_actionPerformed ()
void nucleotideMenuItem_actionPerformed ()
void outputText_actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void pdbFromFile_actionPerformed ()
 PopupMenu (final AlignmentPanel ap, Sequence seq, Vector links, Vector groupLinks)
 PopupMenu (final AlignmentPanel ap, Sequence seq, Vector links)
void sequenceFeature_actionPerformed ()
void showBoxes_actionPerformed ()
void showColourText_actionPerformed ()
void showLink (String url)
void showText_actionPerformed ()
void textColour_actionPerformed ()

Protected Member Functions

void abovePIDColour_actionPerformed ()
void BLOSUM62Colour_actionPerformed ()
void buriedColour_actionPerformed ()
void clustalColour_actionPerformed ()
void conservationMenuItem_actionPerformed ()
void groupName_actionPerformed ()
void helixColour_actionPerformed ()
void hydrophobicityColour_actionPerformed ()
void noColourmenuItem_actionPerformed ()
void outline_actionPerformed ()
void PIDColour_actionPerformed ()
void showNonconserved_actionPerformed ()
void strandColour_actionPerformed ()
void taylorColour_actionPerformed ()
void turnColour_actionPerformed ()
void userDefinedColour_actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void zappoColour_actionPerformed ()

Protected Attributes

JCheckBoxMenuItem abovePIDColour = new JCheckBoxMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem BLOSUM62Colour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem buriedColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem clustalColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JCheckBoxMenuItem conservationMenuItem = new JCheckBoxMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem helixColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem hydrophobicityColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem PIDColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem strandColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem taylorColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem turnColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem userDefinedColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem zappoColour = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()

Package Functions

void changeCase (ActionEvent e)
SequenceGroup getGroup ()
void hideSequences (boolean representGroup)
void refresh ()
void sequenceName_actionPerformed ()
void unGroupMenuItem_actionPerformed ()

Package Attributes

AlignmentPanel ap
JMenu colourMenu = new JMenu()
JMenuItem copy = new JMenuItem()
JMenuItem cut = new JMenuItem()
JMenuItem discoverPDB = new JMenuItem()
JCheckBoxMenuItem displayNonconserved = new JCheckBoxMenuItem()
JMenu editMenu = new JMenu()
JMenuItem editSequence = new JMenuItem()
JMenuItem enterPDB = new JMenuItem()
JMenu groupLinksMenu
JMenu groupMenu = new JMenu()
JMenuItem groupName = new JMenuItem()
JMenu jMenu1 = new JMenu()
JMenuItem lowerCase = new JMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem noColourmenuItem = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem nucleotideMenuItem = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JMenuItem outline = new JMenuItem()
JMenu outputMenu = new JMenu()
JMenuItem pdbFromFile = new JMenuItem()
JMenu pdbMenu = new JMenu()
Sequence sequence
JMenuItem sequenceFeature = new JMenuItem()
JMenu sequenceMenu = new JMenu()
JMenuItem sequenceName = new JMenuItem()
JCheckBoxMenuItem showBoxes = new JCheckBoxMenuItem()
JCheckBoxMenuItem showColourText = new JCheckBoxMenuItem()
JCheckBoxMenuItem showText = new JCheckBoxMenuItem()
JMenu structureMenu = new JMenu()
JMenuItem textColour = new JMenuItem()
JMenuItem toggle = new JMenuItem()
JMenuItem unGroupMenuItem = new JMenuItem()
JMenuItem upperCase = new JMenuItem()
JMenu viewStructureMenu = new JMenu()

Private Member Functions

void addshowLink (JMenu linkMenu, String label, final String url)
void addshowLink (JMenu linkMenu, String label, final GroupUrlLink urlgenerator, final Object[] urlstub)
void buildGroupURLMenu (SequenceGroup sg, Vector groupLinks)
void jbInit () throws Exception

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