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jalview::gui::RotatableCanvas Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void drawAxes (Graphics g)
void drawBackground (Graphics g, Color col)
void drawScene (Graphics g1)
void findCentre ()
SequenceI findPoint (int x, int y)
float findScale ()
void findWidth ()
Dimension getMinimumSize ()
double[] getPointPosition (int s)
Dimension getPreferredSize ()
void initAxes ()
void keyPressed (KeyEvent evt)
void keyReleased (KeyEvent evt)
void keyTyped (KeyEvent evt)
Dimension minimumsize ()
void mouseClicked (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseDragged (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseMoved (MouseEvent evt)
void mousePressed (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent evt)
void paintComponent (Graphics g1)
Dimension preferredsize ()
void rectSelect (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
 RotatableCanvas (AlignmentPanel ap)
void setPoints (Vector points, int npoint)
void showLabels (boolean b)

Package Functions

AlignmentPanel[] getAssociatedPanels ()

Package Attributes

AlignmentPanel ap
boolean applyToAllViews = false
AlignViewport av
float[][] axes
Color bgColour = Color.black
float[] centre = new float[3]
boolean drawAxes = true
RotatableMatrix idmat = new RotatableMatrix(3, 3)
Graphics ig
Image img
int lastx
int lasty
float[] max = new float[3]
float maxwidth
float[] min = new float[3]
int mx = 0
int my = 0
int npoint
RotatableMatrix objmat = new RotatableMatrix(3, 3)
int omx = 0
int omy = 0
float[][] orig
Vector points
Dimension prefsize
int rectx1
int rectx2
int recty1
int recty2
RotatableMatrix rotmat = new RotatableMatrix(3, 3)
float scale
float scalefactor = 1
boolean showLabels = false
int startx
int starty
float[] width = new float[3]

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