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jalview::gui::SeqPanel Class Reference

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class  ScrollThread

Public Member Functions

void appendFeatures (StringBuffer tooltipText2, String linkImageURL, int rpos, SequenceFeature[] features)
void appendFeatures (StringBuffer tooltipText2, String string, int rpos, SequenceFeature[] features, Hashtable minmax)
void doMouseDraggedDefineMode (MouseEvent evt)
void doMousePressedDefineMode (MouseEvent evt)
void doMouseReleasedDefineMode (MouseEvent evt)
Point getToolTipLocation (MouseEvent event)
void highlightSequence (SearchResults results)
void mouseClicked (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseDragged (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent e)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent e)
void mouseMoved (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseOverSequence (SequenceI sequence, int index, int pos)
void mousePressed (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent evt)
void mouseWheelMoved (MouseWheelEvent e)
void selection (jalview.datamodel.SequenceGroup seqsel, jalview.datamodel.ColumnSelection colsel, SelectionSource source)
void selection (SequenceGroup seqsel, ColumnSelection colsel, SelectionSource source)
 SeqPanel (AlignViewport av, AlignmentPanel ap)
void updateColours (SequenceI seq, int index)

Public Attributes

AlignmentPanel ap
SeqCanvas seqCanvas

Protected Attributes

AlignViewport av
int lastres
int startseq

Package Functions

void deleteChar (int j, SequenceI[] seq, int fixedColumn)
void deleteGapAtCursor (boolean group)
synchronized void editSequence (boolean insertGap, int startres)
void endEditing ()
SequenceFeature[] findFeaturesAtRes (SequenceI sequence, int res)
int findRes (MouseEvent evt)
int findSeq (MouseEvent evt)
int getKeyboardNo1 ()
int getKeyboardNo2 ()
void insertChar (int j, SequenceI[] seq, int fixedColumn)
void insertGapAtCursor (boolean group)
void moveCursor (int dx, int dy)
void numberPressed (char value)
void scrollCanvas (MouseEvent evt)
void scrollToVisible ()
void setCursorColumn ()
void setCursorPosition ()
void setCursorRow ()
void setCursorRowAndColumn ()
void setSelectionAreaAtCursor (boolean topLeft)
int setStatusMessage (SequenceI sequence, int res, int seq)

Package Attributes

boolean changeEndRes = false
boolean changeEndSeq = false
boolean changeStartRes = false
boolean changeStartSeq = false
EditCommand editCommand
boolean editingSeqs = false
boolean groupEditing = false
StringBuffer keyboardNo1
StringBuffer keyboardNo2
String lastMessage
Point lastMousePress
String lastTooltip
java.net.URL linkImageURL
boolean mouseDragging = false
boolean mouseWheelPressed = false
int oldSeq = -1
boolean remove = false
ScrollThread scrollThread = null
StructureSelectionManager ssm
int startWrapBlock = -1
SequenceGroup stretchGroup = null
String tmpString
StringBuffer tooltipText = new StringBuffer("<html>")
int wrappedBlock = -1

Private Attributes

Point lastp = null

Detailed Description



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