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Public Member Functions

jalview::datamodel::SequenceI Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addAlignmentAnnotation (AlignmentAnnotation annotation)
void addDBRef (DBRefEntry entry)
void addPDBId (PDBEntry entry)
void addSequenceFeature (SequenceFeature sf)
SequenceI createDatasetSequence ()
void deleteChars (int i, int j)
void deleteFeature (SequenceFeature sf)
SequenceI deriveSequence ()
int findIndex (int pos)
int findPosition (int i)
int[] findPositionMap ()
int[] gapMap ()
AlignmentAnnotation[] getAnnotation ()
AlignmentAnnotation[] getAnnotation (String label)
char getCharAt (int i)
SequenceI getDatasetSequence ()
DBRefEntry[] getDBRef ()
String getDescription ()
String getDisplayId (boolean jvsuffix)
int getEnd ()
int getLength ()
String getName ()
Vector getPDBId ()
char[] getSequence ()
char[] getSequence (int start, int end)
String getSequenceAsString (int start, int end)
String getSequenceAsString ()
SequenceFeature[] getSequenceFeatures ()
int getStart ()
SequenceI getSubSequence (int start, int end)
String getVamsasId ()
void insertCharAt (int i, char c)
void insertCharAt (int i, int length, char c)
void removeAlignmentAnnotation (AlignmentAnnotation annotation)
void setAlignmentAnnotation (AlignmentAnnotation[] annotation)
void setDatasetSequence (SequenceI seq)
void setDBRef (DBRefEntry[] dbs)
void setDescription (String desc)
void setEnd (int end)
void setName (String name)
void setPDBId (Vector ids)
void setSequence (String sequence)
void setSequenceFeatures (SequenceFeature[] features)
void setStart (int start)
void setVamsasId (String id)
void transferAnnotation (SequenceI entry, Mapping mp)
boolean updatePDBIds ()

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